Friday, December 17, 2010

what do to - what to do!

originally when i took this photo in august, i thought it looked very wintery. now that we are in the midst of winter, it feels very summery with all the green leaves

after a super crazy november, i'm now officially off - although i do still have a few projects to wrap up. and what seemed like a nice, long chunk of time off, now seems to be all too short.

a possibly too ambitious list for my 2 weeks off.
  • go to the ROM (to check out the Chopin exhibit)
  • go to the AGO (to check out the Chagall exhibit)
  • blog! i can't wait to get back to blogging again
  • hot yoga
  • enter in all my expenses for 2010 get started on my taxes
  • practice planned departures for the boys - one day hopefully, they can stay home alone outside of their crates without any anxiety!
  • train Duke to shake a paw
  • paint all the baseboards in the basement
  • finish painting the window trim
  • paint the unfinished patch in the living room
  • *gulp* update my outdated portfolio site
  • organize and give away clothes
  • set up guest room

1 comment:

Hannah said...

can you please take a photo of the clothes are you going to give away and maybe keep some of them when I visit you???