Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i love yoko ono.

she has totally embraced social media and connects with her fans daily through her facebook and website. she is also a prolific tweeter! among her tweets for peace, she frequently proposes small actions or thoughts for her followers to try - mini, personal conceptual art projects for the masses.

what an amazing artist and activist. how she stays free of cynicism to keep on believing and fighting for world peace is beyond admirable. after decades of unwavering activism, she is still sending out messages and tips for attaining world peace.

and at the age of 66 she had her first song reach the top of the dance charts last year!

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bianca said...

hyedie, have you watched 'lennon naked'? it was produced by bbc television so not sure if it had been broadcast in canada. defo try to find it, i highly recommend -- but watch in order, after sam taylor wood's 'nowhere boy'!

yoko ono was also interviewed recently for 'dessert island discs' on bbc radio 4 -- i haven't heard the interview, but supposed to be great. might be available on podcast.

b. x