Thursday, July 8, 2010


a heatwave is hovering over ontario and south eastern quebec, making temperatures unbearable even for me!

we've had 3 consecutive days at 40+ with the humidex and all duke and petey can do is lie around and nap to cope with the heat.

everyday of the heat wave the weather network has been stringing us along, telling us that there is a chance for thundershowers in the afternoon. so far we've had none.

it looks like we will get a bit of a reprieve over the weekend, but the temperatures creep back up next week. power consumption from air conditioners working overtime has been putting pressure on the electric system. hopefully we won't have another major blackout (which i secretly wished for every summer when i used to be an employee).

an interesting article about how air conditioners seem to have a direct relationship with voting patterns in the USA.

photos: petey and duke, sunbathing before the heatwave

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