Sunday, May 23, 2010

spring time in vancouver

cotton candy streets

my mom's wisteria

my mom's wisteria

as we are definitely enjoying summer in toronto, i was thinking back to how i really got to enjoy springtime in vancouver this past april/may.

when i arrived, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom (満開 = mankai) and i finally got to see my beloved tree-lined streets all pink and happy for the first time since i left vancouver. what an absolute treat.

then as the cherry blossom finished my mom's wisteria started to bloom and i was lucky enough to enjoy these beautiful flowers during my stay as well.

i was definitely in flower bliss.

beatles mural

other vancouver highlights:
  • hanging out with b and the extra week we were able to have in vancouver, thanks to the icelandic volcano (which allowed andre, b and dom to hang out!! such a treat)

  • i ran the vancouver sun run and beat my goal by 8 minutes (i finished the 10km in 1 hour and 7 min)

  • spending time with my grandma

  • living with hannah and chris a week before their wedding

  • myae and i reading our teenage diaries together and realizing just how boy crazy we were ...

  • seeing lots and lots of friends and wanting to become a hermit after

  • beatles rock band with my fellow high-school era beatlemaniacs

  • unearthing the beatles mural lori and i painted 14 years ago

  • stuffing my face with awesome asian food

  • as mentioned earlier, biking in vancouver with my honey

  • but most of all, family

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