Friday, April 30, 2010

princess park, north vancouver

miss zuzu!

sniff sniff

honouring the line

westcoast trees

gorgeous trail

leashing up to go home

homeward bound

we have been meeting up with quite a few doggy friends, although sadly i don't always have my camera with me.

today, however, i was prepared with my camera when duke and i met grace and dave (the humans) and zuzu and hampton (the puppies).

cute zuzu (top photo) is very much hampton's (the beagle) older sister and is very protective of her little baby brother. adorable hampton is very much a puppy, but is also quite the gentleman.

we had a great time playing fetch and hiking through the beautiful princess park in north vancouver.

thank you to the puppy jones crew for being great hosts and fun playmates!!

click here for a full set of photos.


Puppy Jones said...

Hampton says: Duke, I miss you soo much! Thanks for visiting me. Please come play with me again soon! ♥♥♥

Working on it said...

Hi there! I came across your blog while googling dog blogs, especially ones about beagles. (I recently adopted a beagle mix in April. Love him!) I was surprised to see your beagles off-leash in this post! I would love to let my dog off leash on a trail, but am too afraid that he'd run off. What did it take to make you feel comfortable enough to do this? And do you think beagles are capable of being off-leash dogs? I've heard so many warnings against it.

PS: Gorgeous photos!

happyd said...

Hi Working on it!

I'm sorry this took so long for me to respond - your comment was sent to the spam box!

... and I'd personally send you a message back, but I can't seem to find an email address for you.

For us, we worked on Duke recall for years and because it was super reliable at parks and trails, I felt comfortable taking him off leash.

These days, however, now that he's on a raw diet his recall has degraded and he runs off looking for discarded food to scavenge. So lately I haven't been taking him off leash.

What I would do is start playing recall games in a fenced in park or tennis court. Call you dog and when s/he comes back reward him generously with treats! Keep on playing this game and when s/he gets better, try going to different places with more distractions.

If you are worried you can always put a long-line leash on your beagle mix and give it some freedom!