Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i'm doing what you are asking

we're heading out to to endicott, new york again. this time for session two of andre's dog training course.

i can't wait to just hang out with duke all weekend - although i am planning on making my christmas cards in the motel - and just relax!

petey's progress has been so amazing these past few months. he actually has a bit inhibition now and neither andre nor i have gotten bit, let alone gotten open doggy bite wounds in the past 2 months. he's also quite desensitized to seeing dogs on the sidewalk now and can walk by other dogs without pulling and howling. on top of all this with the karen pryor academy work, he's learning a lot of cool tricks too!

random: the first snow fall in toronto is supposed to start tonight. this november toronto broke a record that was set in 1937 for no snow fall!


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Kimberly Joy Peters said...

Hello - I am also quite a randome blogger, and just hit "next blog", and found yours (giggle)...the night before I take Spencer to a canine behavioural consultant....(sigh). Nice to see that I'm not alone, and progress can always be made!