Friday, August 21, 2009

aaah summer

golden raspberries

golden raspberries

i am in love with all fruit golden.

last fall, my friend V introduced me to golden kiwis. the best kiwis on the planet.

and now this summer the little organics store just behind our house on dundas carried golden raspberries for one week. they are oh so delicious.

the thing with golden fruit is that they have all the characteristics of their regular counterparts but without the tartness. this makes them somehow creamier and richer in taste. so if you can imagine having a raspberry that is all fruity and floraly but without the tangy after taste, that is what these tasted like.


have a wonderful weekend!


kosenrufu mama said...

they look so delicius!

Elisabelle said...

Great pics and... "miam" as we say in French;)

Anonymous said...

You've only recently discovered golden kiwis? Wow... They are good though, arent' they!

Katie said...