Saturday, May 30, 2009

my new toy

my new toy

inscription from ms. bee

finally 5 years after ms. bee inscribed the inside of the alicia keys' book that she gave me, i finally got a piano!

my old friend from my japanese school days - we've known each other for almost a quarter of a century! moved back to vancouver after a 12 year stint in toronto. she really didn't want to let go of her electric piano but with a drum kit and 5 guitars that she was shipping back, she had to.

now it's back to boring scales and finger strengthening exercises for me. it's amazing how much my fingers have atrophied in 5 years. not that i was ever at a concert pianist level but whatever dexterity i had, especially in my left hand, is gone. scales used to be more of an exercise of remembering all the sharps and flats, not an exercise for fingers!

i'm hoping that with lots of practice i can regain the strength in my fingers soon. and eventually (maybe in 3 years) if can play this piece, even at 1/3 of her speed, i will be quite happy:

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