Sunday, March 22, 2009


leaving langdale

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for hannah's birthday present last year, i promised her a day trip somewhere together. so when i was back in vancouver we took a ferry from horseshoe bay to gibsons on the sunshine coast.

hannah and i both love walking and exploring, so we boarded the ferry as foot passengers, then took the sunshine coast bus from the langdale terminal to gibsons. we mistakenly got off away from the main 'downtown' area, but since the city is so small we were able to walk back down very easily.

gibsons' biggest claim to fame (besides the slightly smelly pulp mill and the gorgeous backdrop of mountains and ocean islands) is that it was the filming location of the cbc tv show the beachcombers. according to a man we met on the pier, the show ran for 17 years and most of the actors ended up living and purchasing property in gibsons. so hannah and i couldn't leave gibsons without eating at molly's reach, the local watering hole for the characters of the show.

despite the rain, we found gibsons to be very beautiful with a lot of small town charm. i especially love the fact that gibsons is on the mainland, but is only accessible by ferry. it is as if it's a small fortress with the mountains as parapets and the ocean as it's escarp.

more photos! ... and if you want to help bring back the beachcombers as reruns, sign the online petition!


Sami Lama said...

Ah ... nostalgia. I made a trip to Gibsons many years ago when I was living in Vancouver. Mostly to be in the setting for The Beachcombers which I watched as a kid. Sadly, Molly's Reach was closed while I was there so I couldn't have the experience of actually eating there.

Gibsons was nice though.

Anonymous said...

So this is the sunshine coast... I've always wondered what it looked like. Pity there wasn't any sun!

happyd said...

Yes it was a very nice day trip :) wish I was there right now~