Sunday, June 29, 2008

intro to letterpress

more cuts!

setting up....

my letterpress print!

last sunday i attended an 'intro to letterpress' class where we learned the basics of setting up a simple letterpress form (well not really because we didn't lock any of the cuts or type) and printed on a vandercook press and a small manual showcard press.

our instructor, akemi, of kozo studio has been collecting letterpress type and cuts for 20 years and her collection was really cool. she had a lot of old business and organization cuts of old logo, government emblems and marketing tag lines.

for my print, i found a whale that must have been a mascot for a company and another student found the 'thank you' cut for me so that i could create thank you cards.

it was a really fun day and maybe in the next year i will take the 2 day intensive letterpress course that akemi offers. the one thing that felt a bit alien to me was that unlike other methods of printmaking, with letterpress you work with type and art that is already created (unless you send out your own art to be made into cuts) so your prints aren't 100% created by you.

a few more photos of the day are here.


janice said...

omg, that whale card came out SO cute! you should totally send out your artwork to be made into cuts! ;)

happyd said...

you are too sweet janice!