Monday, April 14, 2008

home-made soup

project sell-this-condo is over!! even including all the the time spent on renos and fixing, it was quite the whirlwind event!

sadly, within 48 hours after selling our loft, we reverted back from showroom clean to our usual workshop messy.

thankfully the buyer requested a long closing, which will give us ample time to enjoy summer in our cool loft - quite literally, since we only use air conditioning 2-3 days during the summer thanks to the north facing windows. and hopefully we'll be able to find a new home within this time period.

photo: instead of spending time dusting and tidying, i was able to make a chicken broth and vegetable soup from scratch!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! What's the new place look like?

happyd said...

ummm we don't have a new place yet. yikes!

Sami Lama said...

Great news! Good luck with the house hunt. Hopefully the prices have cooled down.