Saturday, January 19, 2008

hello again

a happy (belated) new year to all!

following happy-d's example, i began to think about resolutions of my own. i feel as though christmas and new years (and most of january) have passed in such a whirlwind, and i now realize i've been neglecting so many things that i'm normally on-top of. christmas cards? late. resolutions? late. emailing the parentals? not as often as i should.

so here they are:

1. drink more water
2. drink less coffee
3. start drawing again
4. take a proper lunch break and go for a walk
5. be firm
6. write more
7. wake up earlier on the weekends
8. get a bike

picture: a crisp autumn day at kew gardens. tree on the left is a ginko tree.

1 comment:

happyd said...

gorgeous photos b!!

i never noticed in vancouver, but the ginkos in toronto have nut like seeds and when the get crushed they stink like pooo!