Friday, July 15, 2005


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illo friday time again! this week's topic: metropolitan.

this week's idea was inspired by a new yoga studio i went to several weeks ago in the middle of downtown toronto. the studio is lit by natural light via huge windows, however, the windows face an old brick building - so very urban, yet very relaxing.


Myae said...

I really really like this one!
It's soo cool!

Anonymous said...

I wonder which one is you :-)

Rebeccashane said...

this is wonderful, their outfits, yoga mats prolly designer totaling 300.00. Yoga class membership 300.00.. what a way to relax in the city :O) hehehe LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I like the big windows with the city view.


Amy said...

this is a great take on the theme. :)

happyd said...

haha yes $300 membership fees include a manicure and french pedicure upon sign up :P

thanks for the kind words everybody!